Computer and Network Security

Computer-Network-Security-300x225Computer and network security works to protect the interests of both individual computer users and most importantly the information and data which are held within these machines for company use or for individual use. Security breaches have been known to cost an arm and leg for a company or a business to rectify and account for all the damage done to the network and data. It has been shown that the IT world is really losing a lot to the tune of millions of dollars to the hackers and data thieves. This is why there are concerted and continuous efforts towards the improvement of measures that are created to secure networks and computers so that businesses are always able to stay ahead of the hackers and all other malicious efforts perpetrated on the businesses. There will always be releases of security software and measures every now and then and a company must have these too since hackers will always find new ways of getting to achieve their dubious intentions.

Security for the network for any business saves it a lot of humiliation of having their systems infiltrated and having to deal with loss of credibility which is perhaps as expensive as the lost business opportunity and time going into doing away with the security breach. Follow all this up with law suits and the scenario gets all murky. It will cost a little investment to save your business reputation all through its lifetime and the impact of this cannot be any way neglected and it saves on the very costly interruptions. A network should have users who usually gain access through user accounts which after being authenticated by the firewall will then apply the policies which the account has been created against. This only controls access into the network. A network should have software like the antivirus software which falls in the category of the IPS and which detects and halts the action of many forms of malware. These must be some of the most reputable software which will be installed and updated as frequently as an update is made available.

The most important considerations for the business or individual when implementing the computer and network security are those of reliability and the budget involved. Since reliability is most important, the chosen measures must have robust implementation which is accompanied by careful planning, testing and finally the roll out after which what remains is the management. Therefore business and life in general has become very dependent on computer systems in our present world. With such functionality, there is a significant amount of information both general and sensitive which must be protected from any form of theft or calamity. This is where computer and network security comes in and must be enforced since this is a sensitive area which could give disastrous results to a business or the individual.


Business Network Security

On a point of dealing with the basics, computer networks should have security systems irrespective of the use that they are put to. Business network security is something which is not even debatable. To comply to industry standards, a sound network security policy must be crafted for a business to make sure that the especially client data is safe and secure without any compromise in the manner in which it is used or accessed. In fact business security systems should have standards which govern the data needs of a business through issues of safety, its use, reliability and integrity. wired networks The network policy should therefore incorporate so many facets of that ensure that there are no attacks that can be perpetrated against the business at any single point. What this means is that security has to work on system audits, assessment of risk and the management of risks so that the network remains protected against all the new attacks which are coming up. Network security is therefore not only governed locally as a business deems fit to its operations but there are industry standards which must be met so that there are balances and checks which will ensure that any data held within the system and especially that of clients is not in any way exposed to jeopardy.

The important of securing data is not borne out of convenience but one which has to be sustained to keep away and form of lost business or revenue for a company. On the other hand, business network security arrays any form of lawsuits or losses which can be incurred on the occasion that data is infiltrated and lands in the hands of people who are not in any way associated with the business or company. In most cases these are the data thieves who access the network or data with no good intentions. Most businesses utilize a combination of security measures which are aimed at getting the network and they include the use of firewalls, antivirus software, virtual private networks and other forms of intrusion prevention systems. The most important thing about any of these security measures is that they get updated as soon as releases are made so that the business is always a step ahead of the hackers.

Management of a business network security system will go further into finding weak points which will in most cases offer hackers and other malicious minds a loophole which they made get to exploit to gain entry into the business network. The assessment of a network for such areas of weakness which may allow in threats is done penetration tests, a run through the operating system and its settings, the vulnerability scans, staff interviews and the use of past attacks which all give a report on the kind of improvements to be made to the system to ensure its integrity. These tasks may not be achieved by the ordinary individual but require an experienced hand or people with the knowhow of maintenance of network security systems. Such an individual better understands the networks and technological advances getting produced to secure the networks against illegal entry and use of the business network.

Computer Security Technology

Computer security technology has been applied to both computers and their networks. This has become a very broad scope yet very important in the IT world today. The reason behind this has been that security has become such a sensitive topic due to the fact that the threats have been on the increase and the nature of damages that they have done on computers and networks. The damages have been infrastructural, monetary and even intellectual. On such a background of information, computer security training has become very important since both individuals and the companies will want to protect their infrastructure this is in the form of PCs and networks as well as all the data that is stored there in. the loss of data is often running into millions of dollars every year and this is a trend which industry stakeholders really tried to put to an end.

Every computer user should have some fundamental training in computer security which is aimed at giving the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques that go into managing these risks more so the prevention bit. Computer security technology will have to deal with the detection, the prevention and the protecting of computers from attacks. Concepts which have to be grasped are those like identity theft, threat assessment, system security administration, system security engineering, secure operating system design, incident investigation, software piracy, viruses, hackers, risk management, online security testing and even software design at the advanced levels. What all these different skills offer to an individual is the ability to protect computers and networks form attacks through drawing up plans, coordinating and the implementing of all these learnt techniques.

Data has been primarily protected especially where lots of client data is involved. The measures involved are the aimed at preventing these losses from happening in computers or the networks. They are the use of a personal firewall which is able to protect servers and individual computers from hacker activity through the internet connection. The operation system should be secure so that data integrity is never compromised. The NTFS file system offers protection of data at file level often with great success. Many technology bits can be used like having a BIOS password to prevent access to the hard disk from a second computer, the use of EFS encryption for both files and folders and even the simple task of backing up data. All these features have the unique property of being in a position to improving the security around a particular PC and the data that it carries. Even with all these many methods having been made available through computer technology, people remain to the weak link in this security thing. It all begins with developing the right kind of habits and these will impact the manner in which safety of data, the personal computer or the network is enhanced and made tight. It is said that some little paranoia will be quite good for the overall security of computers and networks. Computer security technology will demand that an individual stays abreast of issues coming up on a day to day basis since what was effective yesterday might not be as effective today or tomorrow.


Protect Your PC from Virus, Malware and Spyware

There are different many threats which computer users will have to deal with on a day to day basis. This arises from the fact that the security threats are a real threat to the functionality of a computer, the integrity of data and many other consequences which may include having undue control of the computer which will be utilized to perpetrate further security threats on other users and specifically the stealing of data. The security threats which are there today are so many that most computer users might not be aware of their getting into a personal computer or those on a network. Some of these threats are the Trojans, the computer viruses, the worms, phishing, malware, botnets, spyware, adware and many others which are devastating in the kind of damage that they cause and inconvenience that they will cause for a computer user.

The most important thing for an individual has to do with the protection rather than utilizing their resources both in time and money to remove or roll back any changes that a security threat may have made to the PC. Firewalls should be installed into the computer to prevent any form of attack since they are able to track and form of unsolicited information on the computer whether it is inbound or outbound. This can become one of the many lines of defense which can be offered against security threats. There are the antivirus software which are available both in the free download form and the paid software. An antivirus software must be credible and from a known security software and solutions provider. The free downloads are particularly sensitive and these might be security threats on their own or others will just offer nothing in terms of sealing some of the gaping security holes on a personal computer.

Another method of protecting the PC from all manner security threats is through the updating the security programs especially on the face of using the internet. Additionally, the downloading of security patches will seal vulnerabilities in the browsers and the application programs. On the whole, protecting a PC demands that the user exercises lots of caution. Such vigilance will dictate what is best or not good to download into the computer especially on the face of getting harmful programs into your computer. A good example comes in with the discarding of any email attachment which comes from an unknown source. To conclude, it is important that strong passwords are used to protect sites and other sensitive information the word of caution being that they should be different on different accounts.

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