Get on the trail: 3 Benefits

Pavement and cement is boring. Even if you pour it for a living… it is still boring. I had a cement job one hot summer and it was tedious, tough and crazy boring. Gray goop poured over steel poles, over and over. C’mon now who isn’t excited yet? City running on a hot road or grey, dull sidewalk is not going to make you jump out of bed on a Saturday morning. Sorry city folk. There are some ways to make it cool but that is a totally different subject matter. I’ve been running for 15 years. If you count running around my neighborhood as a kid then tack on about 8 more years.

So, why didn’t I think of heading out of the city and running across the most amazing part of our planet? Why didn’t we all say hey… let’s get out of the smog and cement run grinder?

Why didn’t we channel our inner kid and decide to go hit the trails sooner? Desert and forest trail runs hold the most monumental benefits for all runners without question.

First, being outside has its benefits by itself…go figure.

Now add on the fact that, not only are you getting off the couch, you are now strapping on your best trail running shoes my friend. The non-city outdoor air quality is exponentially better for your lungs. When you run out in the forest or the desert trails you can tell the air is cleaner. The trees, bushes, flowers and overall lack of gas guzzling, smog emitting cars increases the quality of the air.

Now let’s face it we also want to walk normal when we get old.

Your knees, ankles and hips will thank you and keep you walking comfortably for years to come if you make the switch to the outdoor trail. Take the trail challenge and your body will benefit. The dirt and soil is naturally softer and more cushioned than the grey beastly sidewalk. Your body also runs at weird angles and hills so you get to strengthen different muscles than when you run on a basic flat sidewalk or road.

Finally, the trail runs tend to offer up a type of therapeutic benefit as well. Running in the city is loud and dangerous at times. If you forget your headphones then you will probably forget about running outside of your house. We wear them to drown out the city sound.

But, out on the trail you can opt out of the headphones. You can enjoy the sounds of the outdoors and skip the electric dance and hip hop playlist. Some trail runs offer up amazing sounds of rivers and streams just a few miles away from your front door. You can hear and see so much that sometimes well you just stop for a minute.

You take it all in and just look at where you are and what surrounds you. If you are like most people the city is a straight forward run from point A to point B. When you head out to the trail run it’s an adventure. You feel that exhilarating sensory shift focused around the idea that you have no idea what is around the next bend.

So, I believe it’s time to get on the trail. So what if you get your shoes a little dirty…you might just like it. If you want to learn more about trail running in your area jump online or on social media to see where the cool spots are to trail run in your area.

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