Hacking Strava & Spotify App

So lately I’ve been really getting into running.

I’ve reached that point in my life where I’m starting to get a bit of timer around my waist and my wife’s pretty much decreed that it’s time to do something about it.

So yeah, I’ve become a runner.

One thing that I’ve really struggled with is the boredom.

To kill the time, I started thinking about an app that I’d like to build that used both the Strava API and the Spotify API.

What I want to create is an app that maps which tracks were playing during certain points of my run and then plot the data onto a map. It’s just a noddy little project but I think it could be fun to see if my pace increases when ‘Eye of The Tiger’  starts blaring from my BOSE SoundSport (which really are the best running headphones).

It’s also got me thinking a lot more about the security of these pieces of software and how secure my data is online.

Strava is great because it has a private area which lets you hide your start and end point within a certain few k’s which is pretty nice.

I’ll update when I have a working prototype

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