About Me

Well, I’m certainly flattered that you’d want to take the time to find out a little more about me, your friendly neighborhood network security tech!

My name is David, I’m a 31 year old Florida native who travels the world lecturing on network security technology and¬†Futurology.

10 fun facts about me

  1. I was born in London, England but moved to the US before I was out of nappies.
  2. I’m an avid runner and have run more than 15 marathons and 10 ultra distance races on 4 continents.
  3. I originally trained to be an accountant but a random series of events lead me into pen testing and network security
  4. I met my wife when we were both 15 and we’ve been together ever since
  5. I have a dog and a cat who dominate my AFK time.
  6. I once accidentally split a drink on a famous Hollywood starlet (ask me who)
  7. Although I’m new to blogging, I’ve been using the internet for the best part of 20 years
  8. I come from a military family with someone serving in every British conflict since the 1800’s
  9. I cook the best Chinese food myself
  10. I love pizza.