Facebook Beats Google As Most Visited Site in US

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Facebook is soaring high at the moment especially in US. Recent survey report shows that social networking star Facebook surpassed Google for first time last week.

Facebook’s homepage finished the week ending March 13 as the most visited site in the country, according to industry tracker Hitwise.

The “important milestone,” as described by Hitwise director of research Heather Dougherty, came as Facebook enjoyed a massive 185 percent increase in visits in the same period, compared to the same week in 2009.

By comparison, visits to search engine home Google.com increased only nine percent in the same time — although the tracker does not include Google property sites such as the popular Gmail email service, YouTube and Google Maps.

Facebook boasts some 400 million users while Gmail had 176 million unique visitors in December, according to tracking firm comScore.

Google’s new BUZZ incorporated in Gmail might help draw some extra traffic but Facebook is paving its way in great speed in next few months it might get ranked as most visited website in World.

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